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Hello! I'm Jarrod Green, a teacher of children and adults in Philadelphia, PA.

I'm the assistant director at the Children's Community School in West Philly. Sometimes I present at conferences and write things about early childhood education, including a book about building resilience in young children. Other related work has included consulting for families of young children, a podcast where teachers told stories, writing reviews of children's books, making music for children, and so on. Welcome!


Many Things October 20, 2016
Since I last posted an update I wrote and published a book, I got my school accredited by NAEYC, I co-founded a summer camp, I founded the Early Childhood Consortium of West Philadelphia. Oh, and I had a baby! It occurs to me perhaps this "News" space is perhaps not as up-to-date as a news space ought to be...
Book Deal! November 23, 2014
I am pleased to announce that I have signed a deal with Redleaf Press to write a book! It'll be a book for preschool teachers about building resilience in young children, and it's due out early fall 2016. I'm super pumped, and busy writing!
Tweet It! July 22, 2014
Folks at the Teacher Leadership Summer Institute convinced me that Twitter can be a force for good in the world. So I'm tweeting about education and early childhood at @YesJarrodGreen. It's like blogging, but faster!
Teacher Stories April 17, 2014
I've launched a new podcast: "Telling Tales Out of School." It's a storytelling podcast, where teachers tell stories about their teaching. I think it's pretty cool. Take a listen!
Back to [Pre]School May 3, 2013
It's official: starting in August I will be the assistant director and co-head teacher at west Philadelphia's Children's Community School. They have a program that I simply adore—project-based emergent curriculum, with a focus on socio-emotional development and community-building. They're a fairly young school, but rapidly growing. I can't wait to come on board and help their exciting evolution. And not to worry—I'll still find time to consult with families and teach up at MCCC. It'll be a busy, exciting year!
Conferencing April 17, 2013
DVAEYC's annual conference was this weekend, and it was pretty great. I presented a workshop on documentation that I was really pleased with. It's a topic I've presented on a couple dozen times, but I found a new frame for it that think really worked well for the teachers in the audience. I attended some great workshops—especially Gaye Gronlund's fabulous approach to authentic assessment and Debbie Green's collection of strategies for using your school environment to inspire children. What a great weekend!
Big Things Still Afoot February 25, 2013
Things continue to be busy. I'm teaching at both Montgomery County Community College and Community College of Philadelphia, each of which is really fun to teach at, in different ways. My blog, If I Ran the Circus, has been getting lots of traffic and positive feedback. I've been working on some writing projects—hopefully some published articles and perhaps even a book is in my future. And... I've decided it's time to apply to be a preschool director. If you know any preschools near Philadelphia who are looking, let me know. Perhaps someday things will calm down? Then again, perhaps not.
Big Things Afoot November 16, 2012
So much stuff! Just got back from NAEYC's annual conference, where I presented a well-received workshop on building children's resilience and attended some great workshops (most memorably one by Leslie Roffman and Todd Wanerman on partnering with families and one by Dan Gartrell on building "democratic skills" in young children). I was just accepted to present at DVAEYC's annual conference in April. It looks like I'll be teaching a section or two at Montgomery County Community College in the spring. And there's a rumor I'm starting a blog... Stay tuned for more news.