Early Childhood Education for Parents and Families

Kids are complicated! You've read all the right books, you've asked all your friends, and you're practically living on Google. How do you sort through all the information?

You need someone who understands the needs of different children to help you figure out what's right for your family.

Every parent feels confused and frustrated sometimes. I can help you combine expert advice, your own values, and your child's individual needs to find the best course of action for your family. Whether you're struggling with particular issues like bedtime and dinnertime; or you want input on bigger things like discipline and school; or you're seeing new behaviors in your child you just don't understand—we can work it out together.

Family Consulting

Every family can use support sometimes. Whether you're looking for help with a particular issue, finding yourself completely overwhelmed, or just looking for new ideas and perspectives, I work to meet each family's individual needs. We will find a solution that works for you and your child!

Initial Consult—Free!

In a 30-minute phone conversation we'll get to know each other, and we'll jointly decide what services will best meet your family's needs.

"The Problem-Solver"

If it seems that you are facing a self-contained challenge or question, this may be the right service for you. This can be the right package for issues like "Bedtime is a fight every night" or "I can't get her to sit at the table for dinner"; or for questions like, "How do we know which preschool to choose?" or "What are good ways to get him interested in reading?" These questions and issues can often be addressed in just a few short phone calls. The "Problem-Solver" gets you a package of three 45-minute phone consultations (typically a week apart) for $150. If the issue is not significantly improved at the end of three calls, you get a fourth call for only $25.

"The Direction-Finder"

If you need support with broader issues, you may benefit from regular, ongoing consultations. This can be the right service for families with issues like, "How do I approach discipline more effectively?" or "I think my child's social development needs help," or "How can we collaborate with his school to improve his behavior problems?" These questions are often effectively addressed in 60-minute phone consultations (typically either weekly or every other week). Phone calls are $70/hr, or $240 for a package of four calls (15% savings).

"The Personal Trainer"

When things feel out-of-control, it can help to have an expert's direct observations and perspective. I will observe you child and your interactions with him and provide you with in-the-moment coaching and support. In-person consultations cost $140/hr and typically last between 60 and 120 minutes.

Reduced rates available for families with financial need. Contact me, and we'll figure out what works for both of us.


I provide workshops to groups of parents and family members on a variety of topics.

I'm available to give workshops to private groups; fees vary depending on details of the workshop. Please contact me for more information.

Success Stories

Leo was an energetic but easy-going two-and-a-half year old whose parents were caught off-guard when he started throwing tantrums. In phone consultations, his mother Stacey and I figured out what was contributing to his tantrums, designed strategies to help reduce the frequency of the tantrums, and discussed ways to recover quickly once tantrums began. Within a few weeks, Stacey reported that Leo's tantrums has dramatically improved.

Five-year-old Rex's parents were having a hard time getting him to slow down and listen—ever! I worked directly with Rex and helped his parents discover the connection between Rex's high energy and his difficulties communicating verbally. We found ways that his parents could interact non-verbally with him through play, which gave Rex the motivation to slow down for those interactions.

Zoe was a four-year-old with boundless curiosity, language and social delays, and a variety of challenging behaviors at home. In weekly meetings, her mother Ana and I discussed Zoe's development and worked on strategies for building self-regulation skills and enforcing positive discipline. Over several months Ana felt more competent and in-control, and Zoe's behavior improved.

I consulted with three-year-old Rafael's family when they found out Rafael's grandmother was likely to pass away soon. His father James and I discussed what Rafael, developmentally, would be able to understand and cope with. Together we created a plan that helped Rafael's family successfully talk with him about his grandmother's death and his mother's grief.

* Names and identifying details changed.

Early Childhood Education for Teachers and Schools

With years of experience working with children of all ages and teachers of all levels of experience and expertise, I provide teachers and teaching staffs with the tools to successfully develop their practice.

Staff Development Workshops

Staff trainings and workshops, ranging from 90 minutes to 2 days, are available on a variety of subjects.

My workshops are interactive and engaging, and center around teachers' real-life experiences as grown-up "teachable moments." I individualize workshops to the needs of each school and group to achieve the most effective results; see what others have said about my workshops and adult-education, below. For more information about hiring me to present at your school, please contact me.

Individualized Consultations

Behavior problems with a certain child you can't seem to solve? Trouble with the social dynamics in a classroom that you don't know how to fix? Children disengaged during outdoor play and you don't know why? Crazy transitions crazy that make you just want to scream?

All classrooms and schools hit bumps in the road. I frame challenges in terms of Developmentally Appropriate Practice and your own school's educational philosophy to help find solutions that are natural in the context of your program. I bring the varied perspectives of assessment tools like the DRDP (for children), CLASS (for teachers), and ECERS (for environments), as well as my own long experience in a variety of classrooms, to bear on whatever challenges your school or classroom may be facing. There are strategies that will make life better for you and the children!

For more information about Individualized Consultations, please contact me.

Parent Workshops

Do you want to reach out to parents about a certain topic, but don't know how? Bring in an expert! On topics ranging from positive discipline to successful bedtime, from emotional development to learning through play, my workshops help families understand complex issues and find strategies for success. Contact me about coming to your next parent night!

What do people think of Jarrod?

"I just did a package with Jarrod to help us deal with [my son's] tantrums. [He] would not get his way and he would go completely limp, lie on the floor and not move, cry the whole time. If we ignored him he would turn destructive to objects in the room. Turns out the best strategy is talking to him about what is making him sad in a calm voice—seems easy enough, but there are nuances to the approach and Jarrod helped us come up with the strategies. Now [my son will] cry briefly, expect my responsive inquiry, answer me, and move on. Huge improvement! Jarrod has these reasonably priced packages that include 3–4 phone sessions and an intro, and he takes great notes and send you all the bullets via email afterwards."

"Your workshop? Awesome. I enjoyed it so much, your enthusiasm, the flow of the information, the slides you included ... What I loved the most, though, was that it was like, documentation with heart. So many workshops about documentation are dry ... Yours, on the other hand, was REAL. Lots of social-emotional stuff, for the kids AND the parents ... You're a really good speaker."

"You have been all an ideal preschool teacher should be: loving, patient, funny, consistent, and creative. Our family treasures you and all you gave to [our son] and our community this year. Your gifts of teaching love, trust and respect, as well as perseverance did not go unnoticed and will help prepare [our son] for all that he will encounter next year and beyond. Simply put, you are THE BEST!"

"Jarrod Green is an enthusiastic, efficient, and dynamic professor. He clearly knows the profession and discipline and he seems to have a great deal of respect for it. His dedication to children is apparent. The students were energized by Jarrod and they had an obvious respect for him and his work. DVC is very fortunate to have Jarrod on staff. He is an outstanding professional."

"It has been my honor to drop my kids off in your class every day this year. You have been a constant, a role model, a teacher to our whole family, and a true professional. Thank you for your patience and your guidance."

"Jarrod was FANTASTIC! So energetic and inspirational."
"Fantastic ideas were shared. He is definitely an asset to the child care field."
"Jarrod had some really great, practical and very doable ideas for documentation."
"Great workshop. Lots of examples and information. Good balance of overall view information and specific techniques. Great, confident, personable presenter style."
"Absolutely delightful presenter—so enthusiastic and obviously engaged in his work. Lots of real information and ideas we can use."

"I just want to thank you again for your help. Your tips were super helpful. The lesson was a huge success! It was a great experience and they have even asked us back. Thank you again, your guidance and insight was priceless! Simply amazing."