Welcome! I'm Jarrod Green, an early childhood educator. I read picture books to children in my preschool classroom. I recommend picture books to parents as part of my consulting practice. I collect picture books, and consider them a wonderful form of art and literature. This site lists some of my favorites for reading to kids—by which I mean, books that I love to read and kids love to hear. (A good children's book should be fun for kids, and fun for adults too.) This, hopefully, is a collection you can enjoy with children.

If you have recommendations for favorite picture books, please let me know. And for information about my teaching practice, head on over to JarrodGreen.net.

This site was active in 2012 and 2013. The quality of the books is still current.

By the way: The internet is a wonderful tool for discovering books. But I'm not including links to buy the books because you should buy at a local bookstore instead of Amazon. You can call your local bookstore and they'll order the book you want and they'll hold it for you, usually just as fast as ordering it online! (You can even buy e-books from local bookstores, though children should really have the tactile and spatial experience of reading hard copies of books.) Find local bookstores near you, and everything else you want to know, at IndieBound.org.